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Our Strategic Plan

UCP Seguin Strategic Plan 2016-2020

*Extended by Board for Additional Year (through December 2021) in September 2020, due to change in UCP Seguin CEO*

Expanding on Our Legacy of Achievement

In July 2013, two outstanding nonprofit organizations – United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Chicago and Seguin Services – took a momentous step, merging to become one powerful force of support for people with disabilities.  Both partners bring a strong history of innovation, quality and effectiveness in the service of people with disabilities and their families.  The focus is embodied in the following mission statement. 

Mission. United Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater Chicago believes in a world where persons with disabilities achieve their potential, advance their independence, and act as full members of the community. We strive to make this world a reality – for people at every stage of life – by leveraging technology to provide innovative training and education programs and by providing family support, employment, life-skills training, residential services, and children’s foster care.

This plan represents the culmination of a year-long collective effort of the board, management, staff, program participants, and other stakeholders to build on the organization’s strength and shape the first chapters in the history of this newly formed entity. The plan emphasizes a few crucial concepts guiding UCP Seguin’s efforts over the next five years:

    ​Four-person or fewer CILA group homes
    Smaller day program sites, with 20 to 40 participants enrolled
    Paid employment
    Volunteer work

Six strategic directions, as shown below, form the framework for the plan. They represent both the challenges – and the opportunities – UCP Seguin faces in expanding to meet community needs, while sustaining and ever improving the quality of services. We are confident that you, as a constituent of and stakeholder in UCP Seguin, will see progress toward achieving these noble goals, and bringing life without limits for people with disabilities.

Strategic Direction A (Theme: Expanding Needs, Growing Expectations)
UCP Seguin will improve and expand services to enrich and enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities with a focus on Employment First, individual choice and community integration, housing, advocacy, specialized foster care and collaboration and coalition building.

Strategic Direction B (Theme: Adapting Services to Address Demographic Changes)
UCP Seguin will be responsive to the ever-changing demographics of persons with disabilities and their families, agency employees, contractors, visitors and other constituents.

Strategic Direction C (Theme: Developing & Strengthening Our Workforce)
UCP Seguin will ensure a highly capable, professional, ethical and culturally competent workforce, through hiring, training and retention that is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the individuals served.

Strategic Direction D (Theme: Using the Best of Technology)
UCP Seguin will invest in and implement state of the art technologies to increase quality and efficiencies for program, participants, staff and administration.

Strategic Direction E (Theme: Expanding Funding Options and Public Visibility)
UCP Seguin will sustain its fiscal strength and innovative services, through expanding its base of funding, instituting cost-efficiencies, collaborating with peer organizations, responding creatively to changing government regulation and funding, and presenting a compelling brand identity to the public.

Strategic Direction F (Theme: Board Development)
UCP Seguin will strengthen its board and increase the level of engagement of board members in their role and responsibilities in service of its mission.