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Community Day Services

UCP Seguin's Community Day Services addresses the physical and mental health, self-esteem, social activity and vocational needs of adults with developmental disabilities of all ages. UCP Seguin offers these essential services in several locations across the Greater Chicago area.

We Offer:

  • Employment, including placement at community-based worksites as well as vocational training
  • Volunteer opportunities in community venues
  • Social & recreational supports utilizing inclusive venues
  • Activities to build life skills such as shopping, laundry & cooking
  • Engagement in educational & enrichment experiences
  • Access to assistive technology to facilitate greater involvement
  • Enriching opportunities for people of all abilities
  • 7, soon to be 8, locations throughout the Chicago suburbs to accommodate individuals from all areas

Through the Community Connections initiative, a state-of-the-art hybrid of the employment and life skills programs, UCP Seguin supports individuals with developmental disabilities in an increasing number of activities within smaller, community-integrated sites. Community Connections enables participants to engage in the community through work, volunteerism, learning experiences, social-recreational opportunities, the arts, fitness activities and other productive, meaningful, enriching experiences. Through the Betty Scheck Senior Center in LaGrange Park, UCP Seguin provides a wide range of age-sensitive programs and activities for seniors with disabilities.

In short, UCP Seguin’s Community Day Services provide for a more innovative, community-integrated, person-centered service and support model increasingly desired by people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Location Address
Community Connections North 3100 S Central Avenue | Cicero
Community Connections South 7550 W 183rd Street | Tinley Park
Betty Scheck Senior Center 1136 N Maple Avenue | LaGrange Park
CHOICE/Levinson Building 332 W Harrison Street | Oak Park
Community Connections Berkeley 5233 St Charles Road | Berkeley
CLIMB 17 E Park Boulevard | Villa Park
Community Connections Wheaton 503 S Carlton Avenue | Wheaton
COMING SOON! Community Connections Addison 1704 W Armitage Court | Addison