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Ramp Up

No one should ever be just a few steps away from independence. 

Ramp Up provides ramps and interior modifications that make homes accessible to people with disabilities. By overcoming obstacles as simple — and insurmountable — as a few steps, Ramp Up paves the way to greater freedom for people with limited mobility.

Adding a ramp or stair lift, or making a kitchen and bath accessible, can cost thousands of dollars. Between the high cost of care and sometimes limited employment opportunities, many who need home modifications cannot afford them. Right now, 400 people are on the waiting list for Ramp Up assistance. Without help, they could be marginalized or even institutionalized. But with Ramp Up, they can participate in their community, share a richer home life and follow where their dreams lead them. 

Helping children reach independence. 

Most parents chart their children’s growth with pride. But to parents of children with limited mobility, growth means something different. Like all parents, they love to see their children grow and mature, but each added inch makes transportation more challenging. Toddlers once easily held grow into youngsters too large to carry. 

That’s where Ramp Up comes in. 

Ramp Up provides ramps and interior modifications that make homes accessible to everyone who lives there. Without help, many children with disabilities could be marginalized or even institutionalized. But with Ramp Up these children are on the move, growing toward a future as independent adults. 

You Can Help

To serve those who need us most, Ramp Up relies on major funding from the Chicago Department of Housing (DOH) and Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA). We appreciate their support, but such limited funds enable Ramp Up to help only a small percentage of the people who come to us for assistance. 

You can help us close the gap. Support Ramp Up through your donations. Ramp Up also welcomes contributions of building materials, labor and design services. 

“Thanks to Ramp Up, we are accessible, and not a moment too soon! My son’s wheelchair is too heavy for me to carry to the house, and now he’s getting too big for me to carry to the van. Please know how much your generosity is appreciated. It has really made a difference in our lives.”

– Beth

“When my husband, Robin, became a paraplegic in 2003, our lives changes forever. Little things we once took for granted became enormous problems. He was unable to get into our bathroom, and leaving the house took tremendous effort. But thanks to Ramp Up, he can enter our newly remodeled bathroom with ease, and enter and exit our home unassisted. Words cannot express our gratitude.”

- Janice