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UCP Seguin provides residential care to adults with developmental disabilities and other special needs in a variety of ways. We provide twenty-four hour residential care through Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) homes as well as intermittent residential care.

Our twenty-four hour care is provided in single family homes in various communities in the west and south suburbs of Chicago. They may be a shared living arrangement (adult foster care parent) or a shift staffed home.

In Adult Foster Parent homes, two to four adults with disabilities live with a person or family in the community. In shift staffed homes, adults with disabilities live in a small group homes of up to eight residents with disabilities that are supervised 24 hours a day by UCP Seguin staff. In each case, UCP Seguin seeks to provide opportunities for the people they serve to integrate into the community so that they can live, work and socialize as their neighbors do.

Some of UCP Seguin’s CILA homes are part our growing SeniorCares initiative. Through SeniorCares, UCP Seguin addresses the needs of individuals with disabilities who are also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, frontal-temporal dementias, and other memory or behavioral disorders. Each home is a private and personal setting with no more than six residents in a beautiful, fully accessible home that is part of the community.

During weekdays, residents of the homes typically attend one of UCP Seguin’s Community Day Services sites, through which they are provided opportunities to work – including employment in the community, volunteer, and engage in life skills, social-recreation, and other enrichment activities. Residents served in the SeniorCares homes are offered services attuned to their aging conditions at the Betty Scheck Senior Center or within their own homes.

In addition to 24-hour CILA homes, UCP Seguin’s Intermittent CILA services provides case management and various supports to enable individuals who live independently in the community by offering supports such as assistance in budgeting, grocery shopping, home management, and medical appointments.

As with all of our services, CILAs are designed to fulfill UCP Seguin’s mission, enabling people with disabilities to achieve their potential, advance their independence, and act as full members of the community.

Key features:

  • All CILA homes are licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services
  • Homes are staffed by professionally trained staff
  • Each person receives individualized program facilitation and case management
  • Individuals learn community living skills in a supportive environment
  • Home staff receive continuing professional training including specific training for autism spectrum disorders
  • Daily living responsibilities are carried out by each individual based on their capabilities encouraging as much independence as possible
  • Staff provide the appropriate amount of support in all areas of daily living including cooking, housekeeping, budgeting, and other skill areas that are suitable for the individual
  • Staff support is available 24 hours a day as needed by the individual