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Matching Gifts

UCP Seguin is thankful for any and all donations that our friends give of their time, talents and treasures.

In addition to your donations, many employers will match their employees gifts to charities by various amounts, sometimes double or triple the initial donation amount. In most instances, these employers require that their employees complete a matching gift donation form and file it with your employer for the matching gift to be made. Therefore, please check with the Benefits department of your employer today to determine if they have a matching gift program for which you qualify and the requirements that need to be met for your donation to qualify.

Charitable Gift Planning

As part of your charitable gift planning, we are happy to discuss a variety of means you could use to give to UCP Seguin. There are many possibilities including: Appreciated Securities, Bequests, Business Interests, Cash, Charitable Annuities--Immediate, Deferred, Flexible, etc., Life Insurance--Lifetime Gifts and Estate Distributions, Pooled Income Funds, Real Estate, Retirement Plans--Lifetime Gifts and Estate Distributions, and Tangible Personal Property. If you wish to discuss these possibilities further or would like a reference guide that we have that will assist you in your planning, please contact Dawneen Suriano at 708.222.4251 or email

It is extremely important that you consult with your financial planner or accountant before making a decision as you contemplate your charitable gift planning; therefore UCP Seguin encourages you to read any materials we give to and talk with your family and financial counsel at length about your desires and how best to accomplish those desires by the best possible means while maintaining your financial security for yourself and your family.

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