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Home-Based Support Services & Respite Care

In addition to our adult residential options, UCP Seguin offers additional services for adults with disabilities who live at home, either with family or on their own. These services are tailored to each individual to provide the proper level of support while allowing the individual to exercise their independence.

Home-Based Support Services

The UCP Seguin Home-Based Support Services program is designed to help individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to secure services of their choosing: YOUR Program – YOUR Way. 

In-Home Respite

UCP Seguin offers In-Home Respite Services to individuals with disabilities who reside in Oak Park and River Forest Townships. These services include:

  • Staff to provide direct service and supervision for individuals with disabilities as a respite for parents and/or other family members
  • Staff support to individuals in social and recreational activities, such as entertainment activities, pursuing hobbies, developing artistic talents, and participating in sporting events
  • Functional independent living skills training, such as meal preparation, budgeting, making simple purchases, and other basic skills.
  • Activities included in the In-Home Respite program are designed to improve the independent living skills of individuals served, and to pave the way for future opportunities to live within the community away from their family home.

Individuals to be Served:

  • Individuals, age 18 and older with developmental disabilities, who otherwise have no funding to underwrite the costs of service, including:
  • Individuals on UCP Seguin’s waiting list for such services from Oak Park and River Forest
  • Students from Oak Park and River Forest High School in transition from school-to-adult services
  • Individuals from Oak Park and River Forest for whom temporary funding for such service is being terminated
  • Funding is provided through the local mental health authorities in Oak Park and River Forest. As possible, UCP Seguin may be able to make arrangements for private payment to secure these services for individuals and their families in need in communities other than Oak Park or River Forest.
  • While these services are provided primarily to individuals living in the Oak Park and River Forest areas, they are also available through private pay for individuals that live within the greater metropolitan Chicago area.

These services are provided to residents of Proviso, Oak Park and River Forest Townships at no cost. These services are also available to non-residents of the above townships through private pay arrangements.

Weekend Respite

As the pacesetter for leading-edge programs in the community, UCP Seguin provides innovative services and supports to adults with developmental disabilities and other special needs so they may live, work and socialize as their neighbors do.

UCP Seguin's Respite House is a dedicated Respite Home at which UCP Seguin provides weekend social and recreational opportunities to adults with disabilities. Families have peace of mind knowing their family member is being cared for by dedicated and responsible staff who continually strive to provide opportunities for adults with disabilities to experience life to the fullest.

  • Weekend respite care available in a safe, family-like home
  • Individualized care and support
  • Around-the-clock on-site staff
  • Professional care for adults with Autism
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Behavioral and medical staff available
  • Social, recreational, and community activities to integrate, enrich, and empower adults with disabilities
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