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In the age of social media with stories, photos and videos that flood the world wide web, one Facebook post has cut through the thicket to go viral.  

UCP Seguin participant Dan Garringer happened to be enjoying one of his typical meals at the Union Station McDonald’s in Chicago, but with the generous assistance of a McDonald’s employee. A customer happened to witness the goings-on and snapped a photo, then posted it with her reaction on Facebook.

Here’s what Dan had to say about the story:

“People with disabilities are just like everyone else.  We love life and being part of our community.  We go to restaurants, stores, the movies and coffee shops and take Metra and public transportation to be able to experience life as everyone else does.  I know that Kenny is getting all of the credit, but, in my mind, he is representing all of the employees at the Union Station McDonald's.  They are wonderful, caring people who make me feel that I am just like everyone else, and they do not treat me like I am a person with a disability...they treat me like I am just Dan, someone that loves McDonald's fries.”

Below are links to just some of the media outlets around the globe who have taken note of this amazing story!

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