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June White

June White

In 2010, due to the untimely passing of her sister, June White urgently needed to find proper care for her nephew Todd Page, who has severe disabilities. Her good friends Pam and Steve Kawohl facilitated a connection to UCP Seguin, which acted expeditiously to arrange funding to provide residential and life skills training services for Todd. According to June, with UCP Seguin’s help, Todd “has flourished”. Since then, June has reached out to all the members of Todd’s group home to make their lives special as well. She and Todd see them as very much a part of his “family”. June has donated funds to UCP Seguin for new furnishings and home maintenance needs, while offering her own skills through interior decorating services for all the residents in Todd’s home. Ever grateful for what UCP Seguin has done for her nephew, June suggested to Pam and Steve another way that they might all contribute to the UCP Seguin cause. As a result, they hold an annual “Bowling for UCP Seguin” Fundraiser. Through this party, June and Pam and Steve Kawohl have reached out to their family and friends to financially support Todd and all the individuals served by UCP Seguin, as this event has annually netted $5,000 or more to benefit UCP Seguin. Through her spirit of philanthropy, June has not only given her treasure and time to UCP Seguin, but has effectively brought new friends into the UCP Seguin community.

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