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Current Job Openings

Transition Outreach Specialist - Bilingual

Identifies all special education students, 18-21, in UCP Seguin service area high schools who will transition within one year from school to adult community services for people with disabilities. Attends all IEP staffing's regarding students requiring community services for adults with disabilities. Collaborates with school personnel and parents, guardians, families, and students referrals of persons in establishing and implementing a plan for transition from school to adult community services uniquely tailored to the student’s needs and preferences. Educates parents, guardians, families, and students about available community services and financial and legal arrangements necessary for a successful transition from school to life as an adult .Assist parents, guardians, families, and students with linkages to community services such as Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) and listing on Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS) list, linkages to entitled financial and health insurance resources; and linkages to legal professionals to facilitate lifelong legal arrangements. Conduct culturally sensitive outreach to Latino families that respects their value of “caring for their own”. Secure Illinois Department of Human Services “bridge funding”. Ensure that individuals remain on PUNS list.

Bachelors degree in Social Work or other human resources field. Minimum of three years of progressively responsible professional work experience with persons with developmental disabilities. Bilingual (English and Spanish) language ability preferred.

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