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Betty Scheck Senior Center

UCP Seguin developed its own Senior Services Daytime Activities Project to incorporate up-to-date methods and therapeutic techniques designed especially for persons with developmental disabilities as they reach retirement age, focusing on activities that promote health, physical well-being, self-esteem, and social opportunities.

There is no reason that the senior years of aging individuals with developmental disabilities should be any less fulfilling than any other portion of their lives. Persons with developmental disabilities need support and understanding with the involvement of compassionate and properly trained individuals assisting them, so that they can live out their lives with dignity and quality.

This beautiful program facility was donated to UCP Seguin by the Richard N. Scheck Family, including Rich, Rick, Mike and Chris and their wives, Judy, Megan, and Kate, respectively, as a lasting tribute to the late Betty Scheck.

For more information about the Betty Scheck Senior Center, please complete our Information Form or contact:

Teresa Sheldon

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