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Children's Services

Children With Medical Conditions and Disabilities:

  • Usually age birth through age 17
  • May have cerebral palsy, Down syndrome or autism
  • May have conditions requiring colostomy bags, or G-Tubes
  • May have a tracheotomy or need oxygen
  • May have Broncho-Pulmonary Dysplasia, Diabetes, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Prematurity or suffer from drug exposure

Children with Behavioral Problems and Disabilities:

  • Usually between 10 and 16
  • May have profound mental retardation
  • May have a dual diagnosis of mental disabilities and developmental disabilities
  • May have sexually aggressive behavior
  • May have self-abusive and other behavioral disorders
  • May have sensori-motor challenges

Children In Wheelchairs:

To accept children in wheelchairs, a foster parents must own their own home and be willing to have modifications made to make it wheelchair accessible. They may also rent an approved wheelchair accessible home. The foster parents and substitute caregivers must be able to meet lifting requirements.

What is a specialized mental health foster home?

Children and adolescents with mental retardation, dual diagnoses (mental illness and developmental disability) and behavior disorders are linked with supportive foster families. Training in child development, behavior management, alternative communication and crisis prevention help establish a relationship with the child in a structured, caring environment, promoting healing, stability and growth.

Our greatest needs:

  • Finding homes that are accessible to children who use wheelchairs
  • Finding homes for children who have behavior problems and treatment needs
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  • Adult Group Homes


  • Children's Foster Homes


  • Communities Served In Greater Chicago


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